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Dzierżoniów is situated in the south-western part of Poland, 50 kilometers from Wrocław – the capital city of Lower Silesia. The town surrounded by the oldest mountains in Europe is characterized by high-density housing which central part is the Town Hall built in the XIII century. The oldest part of Dzierżoniów is surrounded by a rare double ring of medieval defense walls. The name of the town comes from the name of Jan Dzierżoń – a beekeeper, scientist, the discoverer of parthenogenesis. Dzierżoniów is  a trade and service as well as the administration center for the province of Dzierzoniów. Owning to its location anda good hotel and service facilities it is an excellent place for tourists discovering the beauty of Lower Silesia.

The most important information about Dzierżoniów:

  • Voivodeship: Lower Silesia
  • Province: Dzierżoniów
  • Town rights: since XIII century
  • Patrons: Saint George, priest Jan Dzierżon
  • Area: 20,1 km2
  • Population: 34.346
  • Twin towns: Bischofsheim (Germany), Lanškroun (The Czech Republic), Crewe and Nantwich (England), Harwood Heights (USA) and Polish Serock and Kluczbork.

Town Office: Rynek 1, tel. number: 74 645 08 00, e-mail:

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