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Twin towns

Bischofsheim (Germany)

Signing the agreement: 1990

The range of cooperation: culture, tourism, sport, youth exchange, education, twin town associations cooperation

Population: 12 645 citizens

Location: the town is located in a union country Hesja, within Darmstadt region, in the province of Groβ-Gerau

Information about the town:
The town is only 20 minute way from Frankfurt Airport. the first writing about Bischofsheim dates back to 11th century. Apart from the Water Tower and National museum one should pay attention to a Catholic and Evangelic churches. the name of the town does not come from the name "bishop" as it may be thought but form its location on the turning of the Main river. 


Gemeinde Bischofsheim
Der Gemeindevorstand
Schulstraße 13
65474 Bischofsheim
Telefon: 06144/404-0

Lanškroun (The Czech republic)

Signing the agreement: 1999

The range of cooperation: culture, professional experience exchange, school cooperation, TRAKT, Kopa

Population: about 10.000 citizens

Location: it is located in Lanškroun Valley, on the furthest edges of the Eagle Mountains

Information about the town:
It was established in the 13th century. It is the regional  administration center for 22 communes. It is a town of electronics, machinery and paper industry, secondary schools, lively culture and modern sport centers. It has a square market place with a Renaissance Town Hall (1581-1582) in the middle. The town is situated in a place surrounded by brilliant mountains, forests and lakes thanks to which it is a perfect recreation area.


Miasto Lanškroun
náměstí J. M. Marků 12
563 01 Lanškroun
tel.: +420 465 385 111

Kluczbork (Poland)

Signing the agreement: 2007

The range of cooperation: culture, sport and recreation, children and youth exchange, education and utilities

Population: 26.000 citizens in the town, and 12.000 citizens in rural area

Location: north-eastern part of Śląsk Lowland, at the border of Śląsk Highland, on the Stobrawa River

Information about the town:
The establishment of the town is closely related to the Red Star Crusaders Order and the 13thcentury. The town has rich beekeeping tradition and is famous for the priest Jan Dzierżon, the discoverer of life mystery who was born in Łowkowice near Kluczbork. In Jan Dzierżon museum one can visit a permanent exhibition "Beekeeping now and then". The municipality is also well-known because of its Kołacze - a regional yeast cake with four flavor toppings.

Urząd Miejski
46-200 Kluczbork, ul. Katowicka 1 
tel. 077 418-14-81/85, fax. 077 418-22-30


Serock (Poland)

Signing the agreement: 2004

The range of cooperation: culture, children and youth exchange, professional experience exchange, school cooperation

Population: 4.000 citizens

Location: It is a town in the voivodeship of Mazowsze, in Legionowo province, on Zegrzyńskie lake, located opposite the mouth of the Narew River into the Bug River.

Information about the town:
It is the seat of urban-rural municipality of Serock. The distance to Warsaw is about 40 kilometers. Serock is one of the oldest towns in Mazowsze. The first mention of the town was found in so called Migileński Forgery from 1065. in 1870 the town was deprived of its town's rights. It regained the right again in 1923. the main attractions of the town are: Grodzisko Barbarka and the 16th century Church of Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the town there may be still seen the medieval architectonic style with a market place and a town hall in the middle. The town is dominated by one family and little town housing. The parton saint of the town is Saint Wojciech.  

Urząd Miasta i Gminy w Serocku 
05-140 Serock, ul. Rynek 21 
tel. 022 782 88 00, fax. 022 782 74 99


Crewe and Nantwich (England)


Signing the agreement: 2005

The range of cooperation: culture

Population: about 111.000 citizens

Location: Cheshire County, England, to the south of Liverpool and Manchester

Information about the town: The town consists of small rural areas, Crew (about 80.00 residents) and Natwich (over 20.000 residents). A big percentage of its population are the Polish. The development of Crewe where in 1831 there were only 70 residents is closely related to railway. In late 1930s a company Grand Junction Railway (GRJ) built the first railway station and a railway repair factory there. By 1870 the population of the town grew up to 40.000 dwellers. In the period of 1942-2002 it was also a place where Rolls-Royce cars were produced. Nowadays Bentley cars are produced here. Nantwich is in turn a very attractive place from a touristic point of view. 


Cheshire East Council 
Telephone: 0300 123 55 00
Westfields, Middlewich Road,
Sandbach, CW11 1HZ

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