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It is advised to start learning about Dzierzoniów and neighouring areas for the visit in Tourist Information Center. In this place foreign tourists will easily find detailed information concerning the ways of visiting the town, possibilities of spending free time in Dzierżoniów as well as different offers of accommodation. Tourist Information Center sell maps, postcards, brochures, calendars, leaflets about the town and the Owl Mountains, souvenirs as well as historic and occasional coins closely related to Dzierżoniów tradition. our guests will aslo find out here what interesting things are worth seeing in Dzierżoniów and the area at present and in the future in the fields of sport, tourism and culture. And from Tourist Information Center it is only a few steps to Town Hall tower from which one can admire the most beautiful views of the panorama or to the mint workshop to visiting which you are warmly invited. One can get a souvenir form the workshop – a hand-made “medieval” coin made by oneself.

Contact details:

Tourist Information Center

Rynek 1 (building of the Town Hall), 58-200 Dzierżoniów

te./fax (074) 645 04 02,

Town Mint - a medieval mint workshop is situated the lower part of the Town Hall tower.  It is a replica of a 14th century town  mint workshop which could be found in Dzierżoniów. One can mint an unforgettable souvenir for themselves - a copy of 1352 heller with the initials MCR (Moneta Civitas Rychbach) on the averse and the Lower Silesian eagle on the reverse. The privilege of minting coins was given to townspeople of the then Rychbach by Piast price Bolko II. Nowadays coins are minted on different occasions and replicas of other coins are made. Mint shows are also organized here when the visitors can take part in the process of minting coins - starting from flattening of a can, then cutting out and flattening of mint discs, and till minting the coin with a few-kilo-hammer.

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