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The Mayor of Dzierżoniów
Marek Piorun – closely associated with the local government since its very beginning. He has graduated from the Academy of Physical Education. Has has gained, among others, the Manager’s Certificate of Public Administration Management. In October 2002 he was chosen the mayor of Dzierżoniów in the first independent general election. Now it is the fourth term of office each of them lasting for four years.

Deputy Mayor of Dzierżoniów
Wanda Ostrowska – has graduated, among others, from Academy of Economy in Wrocław. She was coordinating the incorporation of the first system of quality management in public administration. She was the representative of Polish Secretary Forum on European Union Secretary Convention twice. For many years she was in charge of Lower Silesian Municipal Secretary Forum.

Deputy Mayor for social affairs
Ryszard Szydłowski – a teacher by education, in January 2001 as the first in Poland gained the title of a diploma teacher. He is an expert of Ministry of National Sport and Education in the field of a professional teacher development. He has graduated from numerous forms of further education on organizing and school management as well as company supervision.

The secretary of Dzierzoniów
Anna Grochownia – has completed undergraduate studies in the field of public administration in the department of Law and Administration of Silesian University in Katowice. For ten years she is the internal auditor of quality management system according to ISO 9001 standard. she the member of Secretary Forum.

The treasurer of the town of Dzierżoniów
Teresa Adamowicz - has graduated from Academy of Economics in Wrocław, has completed postgraduate studies at Wrocław University, in the department of "territorial self-government and public utilities" and postgraduate studies in the field of budgetary accounting at the Economic University in Wrocław. He has been a treasurer since 1993. He has been a member of  "Treasurers' Forum" since 1999.

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