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The Town Hall in Dzierzoniow received from EFQM: in 2004 C2E, in 2007 R4E 4*, in 2010 R4E 5* 

Municipal commune population is 34 400 inhabitants and its area is 20,07 km2 . The office is organizational unit appointed to execute public tasks of local meaning. It acts on the basis of the act from 8 March 1990 about communal local government, the byelaw of the city and the Organizational Regulations. The Mayor is the manager of the Office, who is at the same time executive organ of the commune. The mayor manages the current matters of the commune, nonexclusive competence of the city council. The City Council is legislative and supervising organ of the commune. The office realizes the tasks resulting from commune own tasks, defined by commune self-government act as well as task commissioned, and received in result of agreements with government administrative organs The own tasks of the office include matters: inter alia of public order, education, culture, social help, environment protection. The tasks commissioned by government administration are matters of : defense , elections, civil, registry. In result of realization of the office’s tasks ( providing services) "products” of administration are created and its products ( the documents, information): the administrative decisions, letters, permissions, reports, information, minutes, and also the public goods.

We want to develop

An annual meeting of  EFQM members under the banner of "Learnig Edge" took place in Brussels. The representatives of  Dzierżoniów Town Office, who became the EFQM members in 2010, took part in two-day workshop. I am talking to the town secretary of Dzierżoniów, Anna Grochownia, about the ways in which quality management is talked about in Europe and what benefits the membership can bring.

RICOH in Dzierżoniów
The representatives of RICOH have visited Dzierżoniów Town Office at the end of March. The meeting in Dzierżoniów was the first visit within the EFQM club.

EFQM promotion

An extensive interview with Dzierżoniów secretary Anna Grochownia was publishedin  the December issue of „Town Self-government" attached to "Self-government and Administration Newspaper". In it Anna Grochownia answers questions associated with our self-government work improvement, the Town Office adventure with EFQM and advantages resulting from openness towards changes and constant service improvement. Below we present an excerpt of the conversation run by EwaParchimowicz. The whole interview is available at the publishing house or at the website of Polish Towns Association and  "Self-government and Administration Newspaper".

Dzierżoniów is evaluated by EFQM assessors

In the last week of October Dzierzoniów hosted the assessors of EFQM. The visit is another step in applying of the office for the European Quality Award.  After several self-evaluations the office wanted to check how far is it comparing to the best European organizations.

Interview with the assessors
EFQM assessors visited Dzierżoniów in the last week in October. The visit was another phase of the Town Office’s applying for EFQM quality reward. After several self-evaluations the Town Office wishes to check how it looks like in the comparison to the best European organizations. The assessors’ job is also aimed at pointing out the areas requiring improvement before next year assessment visit. Susan Scott, Monika Chodakowska and John Pimblott are talking about the visit, the EFQM quality model assessor’s job and the European clerk stereotype.

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